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Circle Lamp Redesign Cross section of ballast clamp mechanism

On 29, Aug 2013 | In | By admin

Circle Lamp Redesign

As part of my internship at CW&T, I was asked to help them make improvements on the design of their Circle Lamp. These improvements included reducing the weight of the lamp, re-designing the method through which the ballast connected to the lamp, and making the parts more easily manufacturable.


The metal casing of the lamp is milled brass, making the lamp very heavy. In the redesign, the interior of the piece was mostly hollow, reducing the weight immensely. The dimensions of the lamp were also reduced, using a smaller lamp and ballast.

Ballast Connection

In the original version, current-carrying springs carried power to the lamp. This led to many complications, and in the new version, this was abandoned for a direct connection from the ballast to the bulb. In order to secure the ballast connector, a clamp is used, held in place by screws.

Ease of Manufacture

In the original design, the lamp had a complicated bore, had many thin members, and required many different endmill bits. In the new design all the corners are filleted, and by having separate parts (such as the clamp for the ballast) the complexity of the part is greatly reduced, making the mill process much cheaper.